He faced all this for you, for you to be loved, blessed, glorified, exalted, satisfied, accepted, freed and resurrected.

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Photography Lynette Wills x

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People are like cities: We all have alleys and gardens and secret rooftops and places where daisies sprout between the sidewalk cracks, but most of the time all we let each other see is is a postcard glimpse of a skyline or a polished square. Love lets you find those hidden places in another person, even the ones they didn’t know were there, even the ones they wouldn’t have thought to call beautiful themselves.
Hilary J. Smith, Wild Awake (via breanna-lynn)

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Nice things to whisper when hugging someone


-you smell different when you’re awake
-please help me (then smile as if nothing happened)
-you have lovely skin, I can’t wait to wear it
-your hair tastes like strawberries
-he knows, don’t go home.
-I always knew you would die in my arms
-every time I poop I think of you
-no one will ever believe you
-I killed mufasa
-I bet you didn’t feel me lick your ear
-mother told me it would be like this

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Believe the best about people. Pray for their short comings. You are not the standard. We all need grace.
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Floral + Anatomy



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Hey, its sunny today!

My name is Sunny. I'm 19 and I was born August 16th, 1994. I go to UC Davis as a premed undergraduate student and I'm from Orange County in SoCal.

I will bow down to tell You that I need You

Jesus, Lord of all.


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